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Cover of novel "Flowers for Papa," with red, bold text and yellow flowers.
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an intimate and penetrating testament to the importance of men's mental health and dismantling the negative social construct against male expression and affection.

Black-and-white picture of sun shining above a wheat farm.

Down Bruckner Street, it was a smoldering Louisiana summer.

August Johnson had just been delivered to his adoring fathers: Peter, the tediously stable, and Alvin, the accidental eccentric. It was a quiet penguin-pajama childhood until Alvin's sudden death following his son's sixth birthday. For the next six years, August's young eyes witnessed the emotional liquidation of his father Peter, and he endured his own struggles silent and fatherless. 

At the age of twelve, he was sent away from the home that was no longer, and to his Great Aunt Myrtle in Twin Falls, Idaho. Thus began a six-year estrangement. 

Black-and-white picture of a small, secluded house on grass.

August, eighteen now, doesn't talk about his childhood. He doesn't intend to.

Black-and-white picture of a floral card with envelope on wood table.

But he finally accepts his fate at the final push: an unmarked letter in the mail, telling of Peter Johnson's sudden sickness and his seeking of his son.

The six years of their parting has now begun to wane as the road unfolds before August and his spirited passenger, with the chance encounters of near-death at Denny's, the ever-enjoyable meeting of a one-eyed drug dealer at the urinal, and the loss of the only person August was certain he ever loved.

Black-and-white picture of foggy sky overlooking secluded road lined with mountains and hills.

Finally, the estranged will be reunited at last, and the truth of Alvin's death unearthed...

As an immersive piece that encompasses a variety of themes, this work will appeal to a wide audience, especially to those who enjoy stories with detailed character development and personal journeys, as well as to those with interests in self-development and in the topic of estranged parents and children more widely.

Austin Macauley Publishers, NY, USA



Readers' Favorite Five-Star Review Cover Seal

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