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Founded in 2022 following the initial release of award-winning debut inkwells. (Vanguard Press, 2022), Margaret Beaver Books is a grassroots organization featuring the work of acclaimed poet and novelist, mental health advocate, and self-proclaimed "literary activist," Margaret Beaver. Margaret specializes in literature which simply defies categorization, exemplifying atypical story structures, underrepresented and queer voices, and stories which motivate sociopolitical thought and conversation by way of progressive and reformist narratives. Above all, she hopes to collaborate with mental health and literary initiatives in aiding the accessibility of treatment, education, and the arts.

Here, you will find the latest news on Readers' Favorite-acclaimed debut novel Flowers for Papa (Vanguard Press, 2024), and immersive, gripping poetry collections, such as inkwells. and Seasons: August's Collection (Vanguard Press, 2024). Stay up-to-date on Margaret's latest projects and social work endeavors by joining her ever-increasing mailing list. 

In light of today's recent climate, it is important to note that Margaret Beaver Books actively supports a series of equality movements and condemns the actions of Israel. 

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About Our Founder

In a few words: Margaret Beaver is a professional author, amateur artist, and occasional photographer. Aside from her professional pursuits of education and artistry, she shamelessly claims the title of annoying little sister, frantic cat mama, and eighteen-year-old disaster with more books than wall space. She was fifteen years old when she received her first publishing contract with Vanguard Press, an imprint of Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers, and her debut poetry collection chronicling her struggles with mental health, inkwells., was published thereafter in June of 2022.


She first hatched my creativity at the age of five, at which time she developed the fanatical habit of drawing with colored pencils on the walls, marking on furniture with Sharpie markers, and sketching the occasional illustration to accompany a fictional story she would swear to be true. At eight years old, she wrote my first semi-formatted novel, a forty-seven-page abomination about spontaneously dying butterflies, and she still keeps the original manuscript shamefully tucked away in a drawer.


In February 2020, she exercised her impulsivity and submitted two of her very first poems ever written, which strangely enough elected her Topical Winner two consecutive times for the Live Poet Society of New Jersey's "Of Love and Dedication" and "Inside of Me" publications (she claims beginner's luck). After that, she submitted more poems for consideration and came up empty every time. The next month, she began the initial stages of composing inkwells. out of sheer boredom (and spite).


In terms of recency, her debut novel (excluding the butterfly incident), Flowers for Papa, is finally coming to a press near you in 2024! Accompanying it is also her second poetry collection, Seasons: August's Collection. You can learn all there is to know about these forthcoming projects on the blog, glimpse into her student life on LinkedIn, and even download her resume here.

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