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Portrait of Margaret Beaver sitting in chair and reading "inkwells."

© 2023 Greg Chatmon

Cover of poetry collection "inkwells.," with typewriter script and monochrome flowers.


2023 Donna Lynn Quille Award Winner for Best Advocacy Prose

Margaret Beaver Books is a grassroots organization aspiring to aid the accessibility of mental health treatment, education, and the arts. We are the retail platform of award-winning author Margaret Beaver.

Cover of novel "Flowers for Papa," with bold, red script and ornate yellow flowers. Cover seal included.
Readers' Favorite Five-Star Cover Seal


2023 Readers' Favorite Five-Star Cover Seal Recipient

What we do
Picture of Margaret Beaver's handwriting in journal.


The personal chronicles of Margaret Beaver

Picture of podcast microphone, equipment, and white headphones.


Featuring literary icons such as Focus on Women Magazine

Paper and Pen
"Margaret is an ambitious writer with a heart for activism. Had the pleasure of reading some of her work and could tell she writes with a good deal of care. She likes to defy genre rules and represent as many areas as she can, which is not always easy to do."

Donovan Levine, Project Palisade

The Co-Authors of Our Story

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Picture of BEING SHARON GIBSON (BSG) logo.
Picture of Focus on Women Magazine logo.
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