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How to Defeat Writer's Block: A Vividly Unhelpful Guide

August 8, 2023


Writer's block hits hard. Lack of creativity hits harder.

Here's what I do when I'm not writing.

Margaret Beaver's cat Willa June looking angrily out from the fluff of her bed.

1. Wither in despair

This is how inkwells. came to be! A provenly effective method of misery!

Margaret Beaver's screenshot of Apple Music's "Recently Played," showing "sad boi hours" playlist and Star Wars soundtrack.

2. Choose acceptance and reluctantly listen to lyrical music

Old Iron & Wine makes me implode—in a good way. Yes, folklore is my comfort album.

Old picture of Margaret Beaver's cat Jackson sleeping on her mother's desk as a baby.

3. Accept defeat and take a nap

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Picture taken of "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" poster.

4. Side with distraction and watch movies/TV

I usually favor movies over TV shows, but The Queen's Gambit and Peaky Blinders remain my sole exceptions.

Picture of Margaret Beaver's collection of video game disks.

5. Get aggravated at video games

Assassin's Creed and its Star Wars counterpart Jedi: Fallen Order own me. Also adore Mass Effect and anything Lego Star Wars.

Picture of Margaret Beaver's hand readying to draw digitally on iPad.

6. Hit rock bottom, forget you ever wrote in the first place, and move on to a secondary interest

I usually take this time to pretend I can draw franchise characters—or beat my high score from three years ago on Subway Surfers.

This has been a vividly unhelpful guide on how to defeat writer's block.


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